Paper Submission 论文提交

1. All manuscripts must be submitted electronically in PDF format before the deadline June 30, 2020 via

请作者在2020年6月30日前通过 提交论文初稿的PDF格式文件。

2. Paper language is English.


3. All the papers must be edited in Template. Please refer to the manuscript format and template in AUS Full Paper Template.doc.


4. The submitted paper shall be no less than 4 pages and no more than 8 pages, but each page in excess of 6 will incur an additional charge (¥300 per page).


Registration 会议注册

1. The registration fee should be paid online via


2. All authors (attendee with paper) must complete the registration process before 23:00 PM, August 10, 2020. Otherwise, the paper without registration would be withdrawn automatically.


3. At least one of the authors listed on the paper must register for the conference to upload the final manuscript (The deadline for final submission is 23:00 PM, August 10, 2020). When registering, the author should choose which paper you want to pay for.


4. Attendee without paper can register at any time until the end of AUS2020, but these is an early-bird discount on registration before August 20, 2020.



1. 本次会议可开增值税普通发票(电子或纸质可选)或者增值税专用发票(纸质),注册费的发票内容可选“会议费”或“版面费”,请在注册时输入正确的开票信息(单位名称、纳税人识别号、单位具体地址、电话、开户行、账户等信息)。

2. 电子发票将发到注册作者在投稿系统中的注册邮箱,纸质发票请在会议现场领取。

3. 请务必确保发票信息准确无误,因作者填写错误重开发票每张收取100元费用。

Final Submission 终稿提交

1. The final paper should be revised according to the comments of reviewers and associate editor, and edited in strict accordance with the conference paper template, otherwise it will be rejected.


2. All accepted papers are required to finish the final submission before 23:00 PM, August 10, 2020.


3. Please visit the Conference Paper Management System (, login your personal account, access author center of AUS2020, click the link "Final submission", and follow the instructions to provide necessary materials:


(1) Final pdf file 论文PDF终稿;

(2) Source file of Microsoft Word 论文Microsoft Word源文件;

(3) Copyright Transfer Form 版权转让协议 (Copyright Form.pdf , 版权转让协议填写说明.pdf);

(4) CrossCheck Plagiarism Detection Report 查重报告;论文重复率(含参考文献)超过15%的将不被出版和检索(可以访问CrossCheck官网,或通过淘宝及各大学图书馆提供CrossCheck服务);

(5) Scanned Student Card 学生证扫描件(仅学生注册提交)。